All the bird photos were taken by Pétur Bjarni Gíslason.
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Horned Grebe

The Horned Grebe is a bird of the god family. It is a rare nesting bird in Iceland, but most common by Lake Mývatn and nearby. He must not be confused with his nephew, the Red-necked Grebe. [Wikipedia]

Northern Wheatear

Northern Wheatear is a bird that was previously classified as a thrush but is now considered a prey. Steindepillinn is a breeding bird in Iceland. It is also known as “Steinklappa” and it is a reference to the sound it makes; as if stones were being beaten together. [Wikipedia]

Red-breasted Merganser

Red-breasted Merganser is a duck that is both a resident and a migratory bird in Iceland. It is one of two species of the genus Mergus in this country, which means that it is a fish duck; the other is called Goosander.