We are offering a traditional Icelandic food

The dining room is bright and nice, with great view over the lake. There is a rich birdlife right outside the window which you can enjoy watching. You can also sit outside and enjoy the weather when it´s hot and sunny.

We have seats for 20 guest indoors and other 20 outdoors.



Normal coffee Expresso Coffe latte Capuchin

Normal coffee, this old good one

Expresso for those who want to have it strong and good

Coffee latte for those who wnjoy drinking good coffee

Capuchino for those who dirnk coffee with indpiration



The soup is served at lunch time the whole year. If there is no soup ready it just take 20 minutes to make it.

The mushroom soup is with cream and lot of mushroom.



Rye bread Flat bread Waffles Kleinur Pear cake

Rúgbrauð með reyktum silungi

Rye bread with smoked brown trout

The local people have developed a method to make bread in hot spring in Bjarnaflagi. Rye bread we offer is the result of this development. We go every morning and put dough in the hot spring, then baking it for 24 hours and ii will be exceptionally good and healthy rye bread. Trout have been caught and smoked on every farm in Mývatnssveit is centuries. Smoked trout is called saltreyð. The trout is first split in fillets wich hang together on the tale. Then he is salted for a day. Then it is hung on a pole so that the body is facing out and smoked in the smoke house.
We us these traditions and a get the trout from the farmer to offer you trout on new baked rye bread.

Rye bread, which is common in Iceland, is sometimes baked from brown wheat, water and salt only, but also is often with sugar or syrup, yeast, and sometimes wheat, as well as the brown wheat. Dough is placed in closed containers, often milk carton, which is set in a larger container with water covering at least a mid-side and then boiled slowly in a closed pot or oven in many hours and often overnight.
Otherwise very recipes depending on how time is long, ranging from 1 ½ and up to 19 hours, but then perhaps the heat is only 100 degrees (which bread is baked up to a day). In general, the longer the time and temperature lower, the better rye bread and will be darker and more aromatic.


Flatbrauð með hangikjöti

Flatbread with smoked lamb

It is our local housewives who bake the flat bread, and ensure that it is always fresh and new.
We get the smoked lamb from farmers in Mývatnssveit. The meat is smoked on special way with bone. The farmers made the dung by them self to smoke the meat. To make the dung they have to use good quality of work and it is worked according to old traditions, let it weather good, let it dry and stacked in gov.

Flatbread is definitely the oldest type of bread that men was able to bake, because it does not need yeast or other lifting materials. The flatbread were often baked on hot stones or glow, but today most often on a hot stove. Icelandic flatbread are thin, rounded cakes, eated with butter and cold-cuts, often smoked lamb.

In the past, the flatbread was baked on a hot glow, turned a few times and ash butt of with a knife. The flatbread were often somewhat thicker than now and breadform, carving of wood, was often placed above the flatbread while they were still hot to get in the pattern. Somewhere it was baked extremely thick cakes on first day of summer and was named summercookies or hlemmsur.

Icelandic flatbreead were formerly only baked from rye and water and sometimes hacked Icelandic moss to increase the dough but later they begin to mix wheat to the rye and now is often nothing rye in the flatbread. The flatbread can be baked on a hot stove but also possible to use iron plate which is placed on hot barbecue.


Nýbökuð vaffla

Newbaked waffles with home-made Rheum rhabarbarum jam and cream

We baked the waffles instantly after order after recipe from grandmother. rheum rhabarbarum jam is made by local people from the rheum just growing in the back yard. The formula of Jam is also frmo grandmother who mde the best jam in the world. The cream is coming from the Icelandic cows.



Umqstudents have been baked in Mývatn as long as the oldest men remember. Still we take advantage of our ancestors experience and use the formula from grandmother, she did the best kleinur in the world like so many others.



>Pear cake

It is housewives in Mývatnssveit who bake the pear cake but hot pear cake with cream is complete tidbit. The pear cake is newer and more modern than the above and grandmother did never learn to bake it. To find good formula of pear cake we had to go ahead and sought to mom who always baked the best pear cake.


Súkkulaði terta

Chocolate cake

Sweet and deliscius chocolate cake, baked by houswives in Mývatnssveit.



We also offer lot of other drinks, hot chocolate, cola, orange drinks, beer, red wine, white wine and strong drinks like wisky and coniak.



We can take small groups in special treatment. For example make a barbecue at the evning, make a birthday party and so on. Excellent for small groups, companys, clubs, familys and more. Dont hesitate to contact us and we bring you the solution.



Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs ses, Ytri-Neslöndum, 660 Mývatn, kennitala: 521107-0300,
Sími 464 4477, tölvupóstur fuglasafn(hjá)