Sigurgeir Stefánsson

Born 31.01.1962 - died 26.10.1999

Sigurgeir is born and raised in one of the greatest nature pearls of the world and therefore not far from his main hobby, which was birds. His parents are Stefán Axelsson and Ingibjörg Kristín Sigurgeirsdóttir, farmers at Ytri Neslönd. He started collecting eggs early and later came the stuffed birds. At first, he filled all his shelves in his room and more with stuffed birds. The best description of Geiri´s interest and the beginning of his collection you can find in an article from Morgunblaðið which appeared the 20th of December 1998, one year before he died. It was Guðni Einarsson and Ragnar Axelsson that visited Geiri.

All kind of eggs

In year 1985 Jón Sigtryggsson and Guðmundur Ingvi Gestsson gave Geiri an old Krafla hut and the birds

and the eggs have been there ever since. It is only 13 sq. meters and well full of birds. Geiri had collected over 300 birds, about 180 species and around 100 kinds of eggs. This is the biggest bird museum in private ownership we know about.

The museum has never been advertised but word of mouth has spread about what there is to see and there is always people wanting to see it. Geiri was a great nature lover and traveled a lot around the country , especially the highlands, for long time on his mountain jeep he called Eggert. This was a blue Ford Econoline, changed for 44” tires and you could see from far away if Geiri was on the road. Geiri took care of the little ones and was always ready to help where help was needed. He was very active in Rescue Team Stefán and many operations he took part in with them.

Sigurgeir´s relatives have now come together to build the bird museum of which he dreamt of. This is a big project and costly. Lot of people and companies have helped them  to build up this beautiful museum and now it is one of the most interest museum in Iceland

Geiri í gamla skúrnum

Geiri in his old museum, it is a old hut.


Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs ses, Ytri-Neslöndum, 660 Mývatn, kennitala: 521107-0300,
Sími 464 4477, tölvupóstur fuglasafn(hjá)