FalconSigurgeirs Bird Museum

The bird museum is situated at the farm Ytri-Neslönd by Lake Myvatn. It was established because of the pioneering work of Mr. Sigurgeir Stefansson from the farm Ytri-Neslönd in the county of Lake Myvatn. Sigurgeir’s bird museum is considered the largest private bird collection that is known in Iceland.

Is very interesting and entertaining aviary installed. It need only 1 bird to have all Icelandic breeding birds. There are information and education about birds, bird books to review, logbook for bird watching, telecope to watch a bird on the water and the camera that shows direct on display in the museum.

Nowhere in the world are so many species of duck to be found in the one and same place. The barrow’s goldeneye duck (Bucephala islandica) has it's only breeding habitat in Europe in Northeast Iceland, mostly by Lake Myvatn.

The museum is on the lakeside of Lake Mývatn and lot of birdlife directly in front of the museum. That is interresting to look at the birds on the lake. It is possible to buy refreshments, enjoy and watch a bird once.

It also offer facilities for bird watching, the museum have a 5 house's where you can rent the facilities in. They are located in places where a lot of birdlife is.

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